Wedding Cakes

Plum Duff offers you a bespoke Wedding Cake design and baking service at an affordable price.

Once you have gathered your ideas together, Ian will personally design your wedding cake for you by giving you a sketched drawing of your cakedesign.

Using only the best ingredients, your cake can be made using either traditional fruit with marzipan, or you may choose from a rich chocolate brownie, a light sponge or butter Madeira. You could also choose to have a mixture of different flavoured tiers ( cake levels / individual cakes ).
Prices start from £300.00 for 3 tiers.

Below are some samples of cakes we've made for our happy couples.

Birthday Cakes

Why settle for the run o' the mill standard birthday cake in a box from your super market when you could have your own ideas come alive with a unique custom made birthday cake. Why not bounce your idea off Plum Duff to see what we can do for you. Every cake is hand made in our kitchen, from scratch. It's one of the reasons why no two birthday cakes are the same at Plum Duff and also why you won't find any design cake molds in our kitchen.

Here are some of the birthday cakes we've made for our birthday boys and girls:

Occasion Cakes

If there's one thing our customers have taught us, it's that nobody should have to think of an excuse to enjoy a good cake. Some occasions just wouldn't be the same without it as you will see with the below cakes. From Christening cakes to Farewell cakes. No celebration is complete without a Plum Duff cake.